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"An amazing experience ... every time. I always look forward to the NO HANDS Massage - it always provides me with a new outlook on my life and a positive feeling that there is so much to live for." - Beth
"Over the years Iíve had many different types of massage for back, neck & shoulder pain and/or relaxation, and I have to say that the NO HANDS technique is by far the most effective and enjoyable treatment Iíve found. The ability to choose the style and strength of each massage means that your treatment is bespoke and will always fit with what your body needs, rather than the more formulaic approach of other techniques. It is powerful and effective, and Ailia is a highly professional, skilful and dedicated practitioner. I now have a monthly session and can really feel the benefits of doing so. I wouldnít hesitate to recommend NO HANDS to anybody." - Andrea Evans
"I've had many different treatments for a longstanding back problem, none of which helped, so I've been very delighted that having Ailia's NO HANDS Massage on a monthly basis has completely alleviated my back pain and discomfort. I can now enjoy a new lease of pain-free life, full of energy and vitality." - Nina Davies
"My grateful thanks to Ailia who has massaged my leg and knee so well that an injury I sustained nearly three years ago has now miraculously recovered. I thought the restriction of movement I had was something I would have to live with. Two days after the massage, it was all very different." - Chris
"Throughout my year-long recovery period, I have truly benefited from Ailia's care. She brings all-round professionalism to the job she loves, at each visit updating individual needs and matching them to treatment, with unfailing insight, thoroughness and compassion. Her massage is wonderful! And as she gently explains whatís happening, confidence and enjoyment grow. I always emerge feeling a lot better. Thank you very much." - Jocelyn
"Ailiaís Indian Head Massage is blissful! I always come away having lost all my tension and the clutter in my mind just seems to dissipate. In addition, I have slept better and had fewer headaches. I would highly recommend this treatment for busy people who need to clear their heads and switch the mind off for a while. The treatment room has the most amazing sea view!" - Liz
"I had injured my shoulder, after a couple of treatments it was sorted out. I found Ailia professional throughout and would highly recommend her." - Simon
"I have just experienced a No Hands Massage with Ailia Barnwell. It would be hard to find a more relaxing experience. But for the tide lapping on the shore below Ailia's treatment room, there was no sound of modern life or intrusion for the whole perfect hour. Go on, spoil yourself!" - Gabbi
"I have MS and suffer from continuous cramps in my legs and arms. My weekly massage sessions with Ailia give me a reprieve from the cramps and the pain. After one of her treatments I feel the benefits immediately and am able to walk upright. She is incredibly thorough and has a wonderful knack of finding and dealing with the deepest knots in my body. I feel like a new person after a massage by her." - Petra
"Ailia has been giving me massages for several months. I have had massages all over the world and without doubt Ailia is the best. My wife has also had a massage from her and she agrees with me. I have numerous health problems and Ailia always adapts her massage to suit. She is a very lovely pleasant person who relaxes you from the moment you meet her and that is very important. I would strongly recommend her." - David
"The facial massage therapy had a very positive impact on me. I felt less stressed and my tension headaches went away almost completely. My complexion improved dramatically to the point that friends commented that I was looking amazing and I stopped wearing foundation make-up." - Debbie
"Ailia is one of the most naturally charming people I know and so contrives to put the patient at his/her ease before even starting.

A.Needs: I got polio as a young man and this hit my left arm and, slightly, my right leg. A severe Landrover crash about 50yrs ago severed half my right bicep and messed up my right wrist. When things feel bad I give Ailia a ring and she usually very successfully alleviates the muscular and other effects. I usually finish the treatment feeling considerably up, the affected parts glow and I become less aware of them because she has improved their circulation.

B.Outcomes: the whole treatment is conducted in a very professional way and I feel that even the queen, or Paddy Ashdown for example, would receive it with great ease and assurance." - Simon

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